Hello and welcome! So happy you have stopped by! My name is Andrea and I am the founder and designer of Hedge & Mane. I am a math major, lover of theatre, and a corporate nine-to-fiver. I am a single mom to two beautiful boys, 6 and 3.  I have always had a passion for design and with my day job consisting of a lot of numbers and data, I needed a creative outlet that was just mine. After several months of hard work and determination, Hedge & Mane was born.

Everything in this shop was designed and drawn by me. Each individual piece is inspired by something in my life; whether it be a passion of mine, a belief, a happy memory, or a nod to a rough patch I've survived. This shop is my story, and I know my struggles and triumphs are not unique. It is my hope that each person who visits can find one piece that speaks to them.


When brainstorming names for the business, I kept finding inspiration in my children. I played with multiple variations of their names, things they like, and things that represented them in my mind, but was struggling to find something that felt right. The day our first son was born, he was gifted a stuffed lion. It was a remarkable coincidence since we had seriously been considering the name Leo. Well, I was already set on the name, but my husband needed convincing, and the gift from his mother was just the sign he was waiting for. After that, lions became a staple in our house. When our second son, Harvey, was born, I wanted him to have an animal as well, so Leo didn't get all the animal attention. We went to the store to get him his first stuffed animal. The cutest one we found just happened to be a hedgehog. It was perfect! Bonus that it started with an "H"!

So there you have it. Hedge for Harvey, and Mane for Leo.